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Art in Arms Press launched!

FG42 is No. 1 in a series of new Illustrated Books and features 60+ color and 5 b&w period photos.

   WWII Germany’s innovative FG42 was a technological breakthrough taking the primary infantry rifle from a slow-firing pre-1900 bolt-action rifle to an ultra-fast machine rifle capable of spitting out 900 rounds per minute. Too few and too late to help in WWII, the battlefield superiority the FG42 offered was lost on post-war arms designers who ignored its many valuable lessons. Included is an in-depth review of the SMG Guns semi-auto replica of this remarkable rifle in its original 7.92x57mm.  The book is available to readers now at See a preview of the photography in the FG42 Gallery on the Historical Arms page, and read Sample Chapters From FG42 in Musings (click the photo to be whisked below!). Only $17.95! **GENEROUS DISCOUNTS TO THE TRADE from ART IN ARMS**

For a dealer price list, email or write to the address listed below.

An abridged version of the eBook for the Kindle Reader will soon be available  for only $2.99 at Amazon. Fewer photos will mean an easier download and reading on small devices, but the original illustrated e-version is currently available.


Great New Books!

SMITH & WESSON ENGRAVING by Michael J. Kennelly

Our friends at Mowbray publishing have released a book on a subject long overdue in Smith & Wesson Engraving by Michael J. Kennelly. An in-depth study of S&W engraving, engravers, styles and custom shop pistols from the company’s pre-Civil War beginnings to today with full color and excellent photography, knowledgeable text by Kennelly all of which are delivered with superb printing and binding. If you’re looking for a special gift for a gun lover in your life or need a present for yourself, Smith & Wesson Engraving will fill the long absent hole in anyone’s firearms library.

Check out Mowbray’s other offerings covering a wide variety of modern and historical firearms and edged weapons!


IN THE LAND OF THE BEAR by Denny Geurink

Attending the Safari Club International show here in Reno, I attended a press conference for the book In the Land of the Bear by Denny Geurink. In it, Denny recounts the adventure of pioneering the opening up of the former Soviet Union to hunting after the fall of the iron curtain. With all such activities proscribed for several generations, the brown bear population of Siberia was as wild, unafraid of man, and the top predators of the area. The animals were huge in size, dangerous—and plentiful.

Not only was the animal population wild and unpredictable, the country itself was emerging from the totalitarian thumb of communism, where not only firearms and hunting were reserved for only senior military and party officials, but tourism and simple things like small town restaurants were unknown, so the country was as wild and unpredictable as the wilderness. The mind-numbing red tape and danger of just bringing a firearm into a country unused to such freedoms, and formerly the definition of “police state” had perils, as many hunters learned to their chagrin and regret.

The book isn’t just about getting into Russia to hunt bears, though, as all of the game hadn’t been hunted for 80 some years and the populations of all were plentiful and wild from birds to moose. (I emphasize wild, because man didn’t go into these areas for anything including things we take for granted like camping as an outdoor adventure.) 

The book is an easy read, personal and friendly, as you might imagine, since author Denny has been writing about the outdoors for nigh onto 40 years including a stint at Field & Stream

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Smith & Wesson Engraving, A Celebration of Artistry in Arms from the Company’s Founding until the Present Day, by Michael J. Kennelly, ©2018, Hardcover with dustjacket, Size: 9″ x 12″, 404 pages, 1,413 color photos, Price: $79.95 From: Mowbray Publishing, 54 East School Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895, (800) 999-4697,

In the Land of the Bear, ©2014 by Denny Geurink, paperback, 6x9 inches, 286 pages, $21.95, Target Communications Outdoor Books, (262) 402-7668, and


For the first time in 237 years, the Colours of the Queen's Rangers photographed for public display.

King's Colours, and Regimental Colours of the Queen's Rangers 1781.


Unfurled on Sept. 28, 1781, and furled for the last time on October 19, 1781 were the colours of the Queen’s Rangers. They have remained out of the public eye for 237 years. Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe, who had commanded the Rangers for the past five years, took them home to England after the surrender at Yorktown. Here, they make their first public showing since the mid 1970s restoration and hanging in the Officer’s Mess Hall of the Queen’s York Rangers in Toronto, Canada. See Musings below for the whole story, and see more pictures in the Historical Arms Gallery!





The history, use and development of firearms has always fascinated me and offer a rich canvas for photography. I’ve started a series of books under the Art in Arms Press banner to explore subjects in greater depth than possible in a magazine at prices far less than the average hardcover book. Many of the photographs can be previewed in the Historical Arms Gallery just a click away below.


Soviet Poster


Welcome to my website. While the picture above isn’t exactly what I look like, it's pretty close. Of the many varied career choices I’ve made, the ones giving me greatest satisfaction were ones offering artistic expression in one way or another. Publisher of books under the Art In Arms Press flag is the logical next step taking advantage of my present skills, and a way to share photos I wouldn't ordinarily have an outlet for. 


Four Geese


Nature is an awesome ever-changing canvas, and once in a great while I happen to be looking in the right direction at the right time with the camera on and in my hand. This ever growing section will have sunrises, sunsets, moonsets, flowers, blossoms, birds and animals. I see things in clouds, too, and remember some friends wondering if I was crazy. See if you see what I saw in "Critter Clouds." Some I've shown these to have seen other things! Don't peek at the captions before deciding. Oddities contains other, well, odd things.




Here you'll find firearm photography from the Revolutionary War to modern times. There are galleries for the Old West and Napoleonic War, WW II, the Cold War and modern arms of interest. Jeff is an Endowment Life Member of the NRA, publisher of Art In Arms Press and a professional photographer.




Modern firearms of the 20th and 21st century abound here. Many have been published in various firearm magazines, but the color reproduction here is much better! I hope you enjoy them!




I never know exactly what I’ll find when I venture forth with the camera. Everyday is different and the same subject goes from “Gee, nice,” to “Wow!” as the sun crosses the sky. Nevada’s glorious sunrises, sunsets and the simple beauty of the garden are a daily delight. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them! And then there are the Oddities...



Beloved Maus (1995-2000)

What would a website be without cats? After poor Squeakers passing (1994-2017),  my neighbor's cat called regularly and we've become friends. Now that Twinkles has arrived, I fear she has declared the house Off Limits to other cats. Panzer is a bit sad he lost his indoor napping privileges, but Twinkles is a dear, and this is now HER house.



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